Abstract no 2357

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Tomas Hammar, a abstract and figurative painter hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, draws inspiration from the serendipitous moments of everyday life and the unique voice that emerges during the creative process. His artistic ambition lies in achieving a delicate equilibrium between color, luminosity, and mathematical precision, while also daring to disrupt it, thus creating a mesmerizing interplay between harmony and chaos.

With an impressive exhibition history spanning Sweden and Europe, Tomas has garnered recognition for his art, captivating audiences across five continents. His work has found homes in over 30 countries worldwide, resonating with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Tomas Hammar's paintings are a testament to his artistic vision, inviting viewers to explore the boundaries of perception and immerse themselves in the intriguing dance between structure and spontaneity.


"Abstract No.2357"

Original Artwork

150 x 100 cm

Acrylics on canvas

Wooden frame (other options are available, contact us for more info)