About the artist

Tomas Hammar is an abstract and figurative painter from Sweden who finds inspiration throughout the daily random encounters and the own voice and expression of the creation process. His ambition is to achieve balance between color, luminosity and mathematical distance, but also to break it to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos. Tomas has exhibited both in Sweden and Europe and his work has been sold to more than 30 different countries around the world.



180920-180925 Cannes, ”Artistes du monde”
181011-181014 Affortable Art Fair Stockholm
181206-181209 Luxemburg Art fair
190209-190223 Solo exhibition Hägernäs Strands Galleri
191010-191013 Affortable Art Fair Stockholm
191108-191204 Solo exhibition Lohme Art Gallery Malmö
200111-200116 Solo exhibition Galleri Nordic Art Stockholm
200213-200216 Konst och Antikmässan Stockholm
200409-200412 Exhibition Galleri Tint Lysekil
200520-200627 Exhibition Hansa Malmö
210130-200206 Solo exhibition Galleri Nordic Art Stockholm
210715-210915 Exhibition Kabusa Art Gallery Ystad
210812-210815 Exhibition Galleri Lang
211014-211017 Affortable Art Fair Stockholm
211029-211127 Solo exhibition Lohme Art Gallery Malmö
220205-220227 Solo exhibition Hammarö Art Gallery Karlstad
220325-220327 Solo exhibition Galleri Lang Kullavik
220924-221002 Solo exhibition Galleri Nordic Art Stockholm
230309-230312 Konst och Antikmässan Stockholm
230318-230409 Exhibition Hammarö Art Gallery Karlstad
230421-230423 Group exhibition Gothenburg
231004-231008 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
231110-231122 Solo exhibition Gallery Gustafsson Trollhättan